Writing – Movie Scripts & Novels – A Mixed Bag

We learn techniques and tricks for multiple products or services. It’s our way of saying we’ve captured the essence and know how to do the job. Is it the same when it comes to writing? I dare not say it is. It’s my opinion, writing is a different beast than being a plumber or lawyer.

Writing is the ultimate joy for a creative soul. It doesn’t matter if he/she writes for movies, television, magazine, or stage plays. Those with the imagination share enough of their passion to entertain readers, viewers, and patrons of art on any given medium. It’s a life style, a work of love, a presentation of  spirit to anyone who takes time to notice. Writers are  the communicators of society and the pen person of history.

We know writers share much of themselves with their imagination that it makes others find a corner and ponder their own lives. When a writer sparks such reaction from a reader, he or she hits the mark. Yes, when readers and movie goers respond with emotions, it’s the technique presenting  the message making the impact. You  were entertained by a special method where a simple sentence or syntax grabbed you and didn’t let go.

Depending on what medium you enjoy, the writer employs a series of tricks of the trade. Since writing for both print and movie, I have  methods that spark both intrigue and excitement. I use a different style in conversation  for a move script – plain language structure, lighter detail, and flexibility than what I use for books. Even though book conversations are plain language, it has more structure and lacks common slang.   Whatever shown to the eyes of movie goers, or read by readers, the test is story doesn’t come across as disappointment. Yes, we writers seek the  extreme of emotions where smiling is the ultimate objective and compliment. But  on the other hand where anger stands it’s a signal as if the author receives a warning to quickly exit before  the crowd catches you. Hope for the best but always RUN like hell ~LOL


About Lonz Cook

Writer/Author Contemporary Romance Novels: Good Guys Finish Last, A Cyber Affair, When Love Evolves, A Choice to Yield, Crossed Expectations, A Loss Too Great, http://www.LonzCook.net Lonz, a Marine Corps veteran, educator, and technology professional wrote professionally for years. He;s a graduate from the Marine Corps Command and Staff College and holds a Masters of Science Degree from Central Michigan University. His writing creativity helped fellow service members passionately communicate with their loved ones during deployments. His writing abilities were instrumental in training many service members via scripts for training tapes. As a sports coach, he transcribed game highlights as military battles. Along his career, friends and relatives pushed him to write creatively; there became his novel debut "Good Guys Finish Last." He loves family, traveling, and sports. He resides in the southeastern United States
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One Response to Writing – Movie Scripts & Novels – A Mixed Bag

  1. willc88 says:

    Really enjoyed reading this post. I have found no particular method really works for me – I write film scripts – whatever idea happens to pop into my head, or inspiration (even if it’s just a location) i always use that first thought as launch pad and then try building on it. There’s definitely no strict structure for me.

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